Spotlight Review


I personally loved Spotlight. The acting, script writing, and directing of it were great. When it comes to how the film depicts journalism it could not have been more spot on. As a writer for the Eagle I could relate to the many trials the spotlight team had to deal with, including being yelled at by someone who did not want to be interviewed, fighting with editors about a piece, and being discouraged from writing a story. I thought the story surrounding the Catholic Church could not be more spot on. Although the story was huge, it was constantly put off by other important stories and the bureaucracy of the newsroom.

The film was also spot on when it came to depicting how journalists are thought as in America today. Instead of glamorous and exciting the journalist today is now viewed by many as a leach or an immoral opportunist. Today there are a very few amount of films which depict journalism in a good light.

Although I already strongly believed in the film’s messages, its themes surrounding transparency and the importance of watchdog journalism were superb. I feel with the advances in technology that Watchdog journalism will not only continue to be practiced but will grow as a result. Whether is will stick to the facts and transparency is another concern.

Although the film glamorized the journalists who worked on the story, the film also reached a modest point, which you don’t usually see in today’s world of journalism. Near the end of the film the main character, Robby, comes clean to his team admitting that he had previously buried the story on the Catholic Church. That scene in the film was emotional while also something you never witness unless you work in a newsroom. Openly blaming one’s self for screwing up is sadly modesty that is missing in the media today.


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